Images of America: Feeling good on the Fourth? We all are.

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Fourth_of_july_fireworks_behind_the_washington_monument_1986One of our strongest core values as Americans—widely and deeply held coast to coast—is “Symbolic Patriotism,” listed as United America Core Value 2: “An emotional connection to country; feeling good when seeing the American flag or hearing the national anthem.”

Are you already feeling your spirits soaring for the Fourth?

Foreign observers are always amazed at the near-reverence with which Americans embrace their symbols. But if you are American, you understand completely. Seeing the flag fly or hearing the national anthem makes just about any American feel good.

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Conduct your own research. What are your friends saying about the patriotic symbols we encounter on the Fourth?

Want even more patriotic fuel?

Enjoy this video of the original 1814 music of our Star-Spangled Banner, a project coordinated by my colleague University of Michigan musicologist Mark Clague, an authority on Francis Scott Key and the Star-Spangled Banner.



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