Immigration: Flunk the quiz? Where are the answers? Wayne Baker welcomes guest writer Haley Reimer, Media Director for OurValues.
Here is her final report this week …

Who is the Speaker of the House?
Does it surprise you that only 4 in 10 Americans correctly identified John Boehner? Or that only 46% correctly told Pew that Republicans represent the majority in the House but not in the full Congress? Do you think you would do better?
Test your knowledge by taking Pew’s News Quiz, via this link or click on the image at right.

No matter how you do on the survey, think about the results and the general lack of political awareness in America. Now, imagine how few Americans follow complex political issues like national immigration policy? For all the heated rhetoric surfacing around he world about immigration—few people follow the nitty gritty of legislation that will shape future U.S. policies affecting millions of people. Many long-term decisions are made in Washington D.C. with little input from the grassroots—people like you and me.

Where do you go for information on immigration policy? Do you have good resources to share?

Here are some helpful resources:

Whatever your political sympathies may be, keeping abreast of new legislation about immigration not only helps you shape immigration policy, but sends a signal to those in the immigrant community that you care enough about them to be informed about issues that are close to their lives. Creating communities that are supportive, welcoming and respectful of immigrants happens one relationship at a time.

Where do you go for good information on immigration issues?

Can you share a recommendation?

What pending issues related to immigration are you passionate about?

Originally published at, an online experiment in civil dialogue on American values.

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