Immigration: Most Americans Welcome Arizona Law
re you among the minority of American who don’t support Arizona’s tough new law? It seems that the majority of Americans are ready to welcome the new measure! Only 32% of Americans disapprove, says a new poll by Pew. Almost 60% approve of the Arizona measure, taking all its provisions into account.

But if you look at specific provisions, support goes way up. Three-quarters of Americans approve of requiring people to produce documents verifying their legal status. Two-thirds approve of allowing police to detain anyone without such documents. And, 62% say the police can question anyone they think may be here illegally.

Americans are drawing a line when it comes to illegal immigration. There are differences of opinion, of course, when it comes to political partisanship. The provisions in Arizona’s law get very high marks from Republicans. Democrats are less supportive—yet almost always a majority supports each provision. Older Americans are much tougher when it comes to illegal immigration, compared to younger Americans, the poll also finds.

Many Americans are not happy with Obama’s handling of immigration policy. In November 2009, 48% of Americans disapproved; now, it’s 54%. Only 25% approve of how he is handling the situation. How about you?

It’s clear that the federal government has created a vacuum by not coming up with a clear immigration policy. Arizona—and the states I mentioned yesterday—are filling the vacuum with harsh new laws. What’s your opinion about a national immigration policy? What do you favor? A path to citizenship for illegal immigrants? Amnesty?

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