Is “Hope” above your house now? Let the omniscient Google tell you

ope” (Omid in Persian) is the Iranian satellite launched this week. It passes over my corner of Michigan around 8:23 this evening.
    Where is it right now?
    You can track the satellite in real time here (and see 5-day predictions) – courtesy of the all-seeing Google. When I first looked at this site, ‘Hope” (Omid) was coincidently above my house. It gave me pause – but more for the ease with which we can “see” via the web so many things, less for any worry about the satellite itself.

    This week has been a marvelous confluence of seemingly unrelated events – the Super Bowl, Iranian satellites, and the duck-and-cover indoctrination for the young cohorts during the Cold War. The common thread is the ability of external threats, real or imagined, to define and unite us.
    Defining ourselves through oppositions and adversaries is a false foundation for national feeling. As drjay1941said on, “If we no longer have enemies we will disappear in an ill-defined fog. If our position is the right (true, accurate etc.) one, others must be wrong, false, incorrect. So we perpetuate the illusion that we really can define ourselves by what we are against.”
    If Americans are not defined by what they oppose or who their adversaries are, then what does?
    What are the enduring truths that bind us together, regardless of the presence or absence of threats?

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