Is Obama a socialist? Aren’t we all socialists now?

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is a socialist – McCain and Palin seem to repeat this charge every
chance they get.  It’s another way of saying that Obama is “un-American”. 
For example, on Sunday this week, McCain told a crowd in New Mexico,
“He wants to spread the wealth around. He believes in redistributing
wealth.  We’ve seen that movie before in other countries. That’s
not America.”  (Read the story here.)

Farquhar agrees with the label.  As he said yesterday in a Comment
     “Yes, Obama is a socialist. From the Merriam
Webster online dictionary: Socialist – one who practices socialism.
Socialism: a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between
capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of
goods and pay according to work done.  As you can see, all Democrats
are socialists. Redistribution of wealth is a socialist or communist
ideal… I will vote for no socialist whether purple, green, orange,
magenta, red, fuchsia, tan, beige, black, white, yellow, pink, blue….”

we all socialists now?  We are in the midst of the largest single
transfer of wealth in our nation’s history—$700 billion (and maybe
more) from the taxpayers to the some of the biggest banks on Wall Street. 
In effect, we are nationalizing our banking system, as we’ve discussed
on before.

not all.  We may also nationalize our auto industry.  A big
financial bailout of ailing Chrysler and GM is one of the options being
considered by the federal government.  In a true free market society,
we would let them fail and buy our cars from Japan, Korea, and elsewhere.

do you think?  Is Obama a socialist?  Is he the only one? 
Should we paint “Socialist” on anyone who voted for the Wall Street
rescue plan?

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