Life Arises from Hiroshima: My Story

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Young Dan Buttry at Hiroshima

Young Dan Buttry in Hiroshima.

Note from Dr. Wayne Baker: As the world remembers the bombing of Hiroshima, please share this series by international peace trainer and author Daniel Buttry. Here’s the fifth and final part of Dan’s series …

I was raised in a military family.

My dream was to fly for the U.S. Air Force, and my heroes were the fighter and bomber pilots of World War II. I dreamed of flying planes like the Enola Gay.

As a teenager I also lived in Japan and grew to love the Japanese people and culture.

In an ROTC class in college I saw a U.S. Government film on the bombing of Hiroshima that helped shape my conviction to become a conscientious objector. I knew we had to find another way to deal with our conflicts than fight wars that led us to such horrors.

My journey from a military family to being a global peacemaker has had many twists and turns, including making peace with my “warrior” self and “warrior” values, but “baptizing” them in nonviolence. I now think of myself as a nonviolent peace warrior.

How have your own identity and convictions evolved or been transformed?

What sparked or stimulated those changes?

Have you had a crisis of the soul that has become an opportunity for personal growth and discovery?

What was your guiding light during that experience?

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Care to read more?

Cover Blessed Are the Peacemakers by Daniel ButtryThe Rev. Dr. Daniel L. Buttry is one of the world’s leading peacemakers. You can read more about his work and three of his most popular books here. In addition, Buttry edits his own online magazine, where you fill find more than 100 inspiring profiles of men and women daring to make peace around the world.

He has written about his life as a “Peace Warrior” in many forms over the years. Here is the text of a 2002 talk called “Journey on Holy Ground,” which mentions Hiroshima. He also writes extensively in his memoir Peace Warrior.

This week, as part of his special series on Hiroshima, he has published a special multi-media column that includes six Hiroshima-related music videos.

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