Meeting Arab Americans: Fact 4 Feeling at home in America

4 Arab American images We’re looking at facts about Arab Americans.
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    September 11th wasn’t the first event to put Arab Americans under scrutiny. The 1973 oil embargo, the Iranian hostage crisis (1979–1981), the 1991 Gulf War and other events had the same effects. The confluence of events we’ve talked about this week is just the latest in a series of events that focus interest on Arab Americans.
    Given all the scrutiny over the years and the 9/11 backlash we discussed yesterday, how do Arab Americans feel about living in America?
    FACT 4: The vast majority of Arab Americans (86%) feel at home in America.
    Three of four Arabs were born outside the United States, but over two-thirds (79 percent) have become American citizens—a clear marker of wanting to belong.
    Almost all Arab Americans who are citizens (94%) say they are very proud to be Americans (about the same as the general population).
    Arab Americans are more optimistic about America than other Americans—86% say America is the land of equal opportunity, compared with 74% of the general population.
    Despite scrutiny and backlash, Arab Americans feel at home in America. They are more confident in most American institutions (see Monday’s post) than the general population. And, they are more optimistic about Americans.
    What is more remarkable is that Arab Americans feel this way even though their neighbors are uneasy—a topic we cover tomorrow.
    What are your thoughts this week as we’ve discussed Arab Americans?

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