New American Center: What does the center believe?

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Thomas Jefferson thought he was establishing the core of values that would define Americans. (Photo from Washington D.C. in public domain.)

Thomas Jefferson thought he was establishing the core values that would define America. (Photo from Washington D.C. in public domain.)

The New American Center is a label given by Esquire/NBC News to convey that fact that Americans are more united than divided. Nonetheless, they divide Americans into 8 categories, arraying them from “Bleeding Hearts” on the far left to “Talk Radio Heads” on the far right. Just over half of all Americans (51%) fall in the middle categories. Do you agree with their categories? Do you agree with the effort to categorize people at all?

Members of The New Center are diverse, but still have a lot in common—13 things in common, to be exact—according to the Esquire editors who wrote a blog about it. Here is a sample.

The New Center…

…tends to be moderate, and more likely to be Democrats or Independents than Republicans.

…tends to be white, and exhibits “a clear lack of support in the Center for issues typically related to diversity.”

…doesn’t think the U.S. Constitution can provide much guidance for modern problems.

…”is less religious than the Right, and—surprise!—it’s less religious than the Left, too.”

…thinks American shouldn’t be the world’s policeman.

…wants the federal government to spend less, and “go easy on regulation.”

What do you think of this New American Center?

Does the label “New American Center” fit you?

Is it helpful to categorize people at all?

PREVIEW: Tomorrow, we’ll discuss what the Esquire/NBC News pollsters call the “conservative base”—made up of “The Righteous Right” and “The Talk Radio Heads.” Thursday, it’s the “liberal base.”

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