New British Invasion: Do we like the Brits more than they like us?

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Pew Research Center polling of Americans on other countries

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Americans continue to be fascinated by all things British, as we discussed yesterday. But is the feeling mutual? Or, is it an international case of unrequited love?

Let’s start with American views of the British. The vast majority of Americans have a positive view of Great Britain. Almost eight of ten (79%) view the island nation favorably, according to a 2013 Pew poll. Only one nation is viewed more favorably—Canada—and that’s by just a slim margin. In contrast, China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia are viewed the least favorably by Americans.

Here’s how the British view Americans. A majority of Brits have a favorable view of the U.S., but it’s not a big majority. Just 58% of Brits gave the U.S. a favorable rating in 2013, according to Pew’s Global Indicators Database.

When asked about their views of the American people, the percent is higher: 68% of Brits say they have a favorable view of the American people.

By either measure, however, we like the British more than they like us.

Pew asked people in dozens of countries around the world for their views of the United States. Twenty-one nations have a more favorable view of the U.S. than the Brits do. Our three biggest fans are the Philippines (85% favorable), Israel (83%), and Ghana (83%).

Fifteen nations have a less favorable view of the U.S. than the British do. The three with the least favorable views are Egypt (16% favorable), Jordan (14%), and Pakistan (11%).

Do YOU like the Brits more than they like us?

Are you surprised by at the differences in views?

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