Next stop: Attention Age! How does technology affect society today?

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Are you ready for the Attention Age?
Forget the Information Age. That’s so—yesterday. Today, it’s the Attention Age.
The Attention Age “is marked by the ability of individuals to create and consume information instantly and freely as well as share it on the Internet using social media.”
Are you ready for it? Do you buy the idea itself?
I’m not sure if I do, but it’s a tantalizing introduction to a topic we’ve not considered yet on technology. Technology is an ideal topic because, historically, values always lag behind the problems and possibilities created by new technology.
Over 80 years ago, sociologist William Ogburn coined the term “cultural lag” to describe these phenomena. Technological innovations create new questions, issues, and problems that the old cultural recipes can’t handle. Values are durable guiding principles—but what happens when suddenly you have Email, chat rooms, instant messaging, text messaging, iPhones, Twitter, Facebook—and more?
Some claim that we in the midst of the next technological revolution. We have new ways to connect, communicate, and collaborate. The latest, greatest, new, and novel ways are “social media.”
Social media is defined in many ways. The gist of it is this: Users (translation: you and me) define and create the content of what we read, take in, and in the marketer’s argot, consume. (Here’s a video about the change taking place.)
Where are you relative to the new technologies? Are you an avid or reluctant user? What issues or problems have you experienced or observed? What conflicts or dilemmas arise?
Tomorrow, we’ll consider a common dilemma: To friend or unfriend.
Tell us about your media experience! Do you love it or hate it?

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