On this red, white and blue weekend, what color is America becoming?

ur nation seems to rally around American values on the Independence Day weekend. Parades, speeches, fireworks, barbecues and other customary events combine symbols of America with the feeling of a nationally shared experience.
    It’s not the same for everyone. For some, the 4th is nothing more than a summer festival. For others, it takes on solemn patriotic tones. In one family I know, the patriarch is a Russian immigrant and he marks the holiday each year by reading aloud the Declaration of Independence.

    Take a moment on this holiday weekend and share your thoughts with other Americans. Tell us:
    How united are we, really? Many of our values may be associated with colors this year. In four months, we will cast ballots in an historic election, choosing between an African American Democrat and a white Republican.
    Colors also symbolize political influence. Will this election reproduce the Red State versus Blue State maps we saw in 2000 and 2004? Or will the divide this time be white versus black? Maybe this time there will be no significant divides of any color?
    How patriotic do you feel on this red, white and blue weekend? How do you (or don’t you) celebrate the nation’s birthday? And, what color will America be on November 5th?

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