Open Carry: Now, 4 reasons not to allow it

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Stealing a holstered gun

DEMONSTRATION OF GUN THEFT. This brief YouTube video shows how easily an attacker can grab a gun from some types of holsters. Click on the photo to see the video on YouTube.

You have a constitutional right to keep and bear arms—but does this mean you should? Yesterday, we discussed 5 reasons why gun-rights activists support open carry. Today, we look at the other side: The perils of open carry. What do you think of these reasons for not openly carrying a handgun?

Instead of emotional or political reasons to question open carry, I looked for and found opinions offered by professional firearms trainers and defense instructors. Here’s a summary of the “perils of open carry” from Active Response Training:

  1. Hassles with the public and police. The recent incidents in Ann Arbor and Detroit, Michigan, are good examples (see Monday’s post). Most people are alarmed by the sight of an openly carried weapon and call the police.
  2. Not everyone is deterred by openly carried guns. If a criminal knows what he (or she) is doing, the person will scan for openly carried guns and disable the bearer or simply take the gun.
  3. Getting your gun swiped. For someone who knows what she (or he) is doing, it’s remarkably easy to take someone’s weapon. It even happens to the police—perhaps 10% of all police officers killed in the line of duty were slain with their own weapons that were taken from them.
  4. Poorly designed holsters and lack of “weapon retention skills.” Some popular holsters make it very easy to take a handgun. (If you don’t believe it, view this short video.) Few people who openly carry have good weapon retention skills. These skills are pretty difficult to acquire.

What do you think of these 4 reasons to not openly carry a handgun?
Weighing the reasons for and against open carry, where do you come out?

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