Our Heroes: Is Angela Merkel one of yours?

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Angela_Merkel_(2008)Do you recognize her name?

Many Americans don’t. Angela Merkel is the Chancellor of Germany, an office she has held since 2005. As Chancellor, she runs the government, but the ceremonial head of state is the President of Germany. Whether or not Angela Merkel is a household name in your home, she is among the most admired women in the world, according to Gallup’s latest “most admired” poll.

Are you surprised?

In years past, the most admired woman was typically the First Lady—the wife of the sitting American president. But since women have begun to hold high offices, they are more likely to show up at or near the top of the most-admired women list. That’s one reason why Merkel is on the list.

But Merkel doesn’t hold the top spot (she’s #7). That goes to Hilary Clinton. She’s been the most-admired woman in the world each year for over a decade. Margaret Thatcher and Golda Meir have also held the top spot in the past.

This time, Oprah Winfrey is the second most-admired woman in the world, followed by Michelle Obama, Sarah Palin, Malala Yousafzai, and Condoleezza Rice.

Yesterday, the U.S. Senate confirmed Janet Yellen as Chair of the Federal Reserve, the first woman to ever hold the top position at the nation’s central bank. This means that now she will be a contender for most-admired woman in Gallup’s next poll on the subject of most-admired personages.

Do you admire Angela Merkel?

Who, among all women living today, do you admire the most?

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