Our pre-election survey starts today!

the time to let your voice be heard. 

If you’ve signed up for the survey, look for an email message from
us sent today.  It contains all the information you need to take
the online survey. (If you don’t receive an email today, please tell
us right away at
[email protected].)


values shape our lives
, but many Americans say that our leaders
often don’t understand us.  We’re working from the grassroots, trying
to completely rethink the way researchers talk to us about our values—the
way they understand our most important beliefs. With your help,
we will use what we learn from the survey and our dialog on OurValues.com
to create a “barometer” of American values.

survey asks you a variety of questions about American values, the elections,
and key social and economic issues.  It doesn’t take long to
complete—less than 20 minutes.  There’s an open question at
the end of the pre-election survey where you can tell us your thoughts
about the survey itself.  Please take the survey today!

survey was approved by the University of Michigan’s Institutional
Review Board (Human Subjects Protection).

you for participating!

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