Paris strikes back, slapping age card on McCain; but which value is trump?

This week, we’re talking about the complex swirl of values entangled in negative campaign advertisements. I am hoping you will help me sort out how you — and other voters — see, hear and respond to these advertisements.
    Monday, we showed you McCain’s “Celeb” attack ad. And today? Here’s Paris Hilton …



Hilton’s slap back at the McCain campaign’s attack ad is funny — and it’s also spreading like wildfire. Its viewership was approaching 7 million yesterday on Funny or Die, the comedy web site that sponsored it.
    The McCain-sponsored “Celeb” ad, which we asked you about yesterday, mocked Obama’s celebrity status and associated his image with Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. That ad ignited a flurry of comments about the ad’s true intentions, especially questions about racial attitudes in this campaign.
    Now, Hilton’s new video mocks McCain, although Paris never actually says his name. She refers to him only as the “wrinkly, white-haired guy” and similar phrases. The video associates images of McCain with images of the elderly and even the decrepit: “Golden Girls,” a decaying Crypt Keeper and Yoda from “Star Wars.”
    Appearing in her swimsuit and high heels, Paris outlines her energy policy for America, pausing only to finish reading an article in Condé Nast Traveler about the best place to tan (Maui, she says).
    Hilton’s video is good comedy — but also serious politics.

How do you see and respond to this advertisement? Which of our values is she striking in this ad? Has she played the age card on McCain? And, how do we regard age as a value in choosing leaders?

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