Paying it Forward: Pizza for the Homeless?

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Notes of thanks at Rosas Pizza

Photo of the colorful wall of notes at Rosa’s from the pizzeria’s website. Click the photo to visit Rosa’s.

Millions of Americans go hungry every day. Some are old, some are homeless, some live in food-insecure households. In Philadelphia, Rosa’s Pizza is ending hunger, one pizza slice at a time. Even if you don’t live anywhere near the city of brotherly love, you can donate a slice!

Mason Wartman is the owner of Rosa’s Pizza and so far he has given away over 7,000 slices of pizza to the homeless. His largesse is a function of his paying customers and their generosity.

When Wartman opened his pizza place in 2013, some customers couldn’t pay so he gave slices away. Then, one customer offered to pay for a slice of pizza for a homeless person. The rest is pizza history.

Rosa’s pay-it-forward pizza captured the attention of the media, including Ellen DeGeneres who featured Wartman on her popular daytime show “ellen.”

Today, a wall in Rosa’s is covered with post-its and notes, each representing a prepaid pizza slice. All a homeless person needs to do is pull one off the wall and present it to the cashier.

Care to donate a slice? You can make a donation for as little as $1 up at Rosa’s website. Each dollar buys a slice of pizza for a person in need.

What do you think of Rosa’s pay-it-forward pizza?
Does donating a pizza slice appeal to you?
Do you know of other food businesses with a similar policy?

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