Please, help us test 8 Statements on Freedom—which would you select?

his week, we’re taking about the many meanings of the cherished value of freedom.
    Here are eight quick statements about the meaning of freedom. Your opinion on these will be helpful—as we prepare a national survey of American Values that we will field in June. Some of these questions are on the survey, but before we finalize it, your reactions will help.
    Which of these represent your views on freedom? Which ones don’t?

1. Freedom is being left alone to do what I want.
2. Freedom is having a government that doesn’t interfere in my life.
3. True freedom is feeling an inner spiritual peace.
4. Freedom is having the right to participate in politics and elections.
5. Freedom is having the power to choose what I want to do in life.
6. Freedom is being able to express unpopular ideas without fearing for my safety.
7. Freedom is disobeying laws that I feel are unjust.
8. Freedom is possible only if people agree to live by rules and laws.

Please take a moment and let us know. What does freedom mean to you?

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    Or, if you prefer, drop us a quick Email.

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