Quick! Please, Share an Immediate Comment on Obama’s VP Choice

    As the Summer Games in China are coming to a close, the American political scene is heating up. The Democratic National Convention starts next week in Denver. As you are reading this note from me, Barack Obama is in the processes of announcing his running mate. The announcement might break at any time.
    Let’s talk about this. I’d like to hear your fresh impressions as the news is looming and as you hear his selection for the first time. I’d like to hear your immediate associations to the news, the name, the hopes you may feel around the choice as well as the concerns you may feel about it. I’d like to hear whether you’re pro-Obama or anti-Obama. This is an intriguing moment in American culture — and, please, I’d like to hear your thoughts even if it’s a quick comment — just a line or two.

    Speculations about his choice, and when he will announce it, reached a fever pitch over the past week. Names that kept surfacing included Hillary Clinton (check out my earlier thoughts on Hillary’s possible future). In a Comment to that post, Greg Peterson said, “I think Hillary Clinton has a bright political future — and I am one of those who would love to see her and Obama be a ‘dream ticket’ though many say that’s unlikely.”
    Other names that surfaced included Rhode Island Senator Jack Reed, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, Indiana Senator Evan Bayh and Delaware Senator Joe Biden.

    Even if you’ve only got a moment as you read this note — click on the Comment link above and send us a brief line or two about what you’re thinking about this announcement. Perhaps you’re not even interested in it — let us know that, too. I’d like to collect immediate feedback this weekend from you to get at least a snapshot of what some of us are thinking on a crucial weekend.
    To make this as easy as possible, you can even click here and drop me a fast Email with your thoughts.

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