So what values would you like to express on the bumper of your car?

e started an interesting conversation about the symbols on license plates in our earlier story about the new Christian-themed plates in one Southern state.
    Your comments were great. We also received some Emails — and some of the people associated with OurValues and ReadTheSpirit heard people talking throughout the week about that particular story.

    So, let’s explore this further by rephrasing the question.
    Clearly, millions of Americans want to reflect their values on their bumpers.
    With today’s story, you can see some examples. We’ve got a Masonic license plate from Washington. There’s a Pennsylvania Zoological Council theme from that state. And there’s also a Special Olympics symbol from an Indiana plate.

    Feel free to continue the discussion about the Christian-themed plates. That’s a very interesting cluster of values that come together — and that potentially collide — when we express our faith on a state-produced license plate. We still want to know what you think about that.
    But let’s enlarge the discussion. Tell us what values you’d like to see on your license plate — whether such symbols are available to you or not. Suggest a symbol you’d like to see. Or tell us about a symbol you have on your plate — and how that symbol expresses your values.

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