Still basking in the afterglow – readers react readers continue to react to the historic inauguration of Barack Obama.
    “The country has already started to band together,” wrote ebo in an email. “I found myself smiling more…even at strangers.”
    Megan was actually there on the Mall for the inauguration: “I was caught in a crowd of people from all over the country, and the enthusiasm was contagious.”
    Allan Schnaiberg remarked on the “photograph of the Obama family delivering PERSONAL services to their fellow citizens on the day before his inauguration.”
    David Crumm noticed the same photo, prominent on the new White House web site: “A dramatically different kind of image of President Obama was flashed atop the White House web site the moment the site changed — at noon on Inauguration Day — from the Bush web page to an Obama web page. There was a heroic image of the president on the site. But there also was a photo of the president and his family helping out at a community center — a different iconic image than we saw during the Bush White House.”
    “I really do feel like our country was reborn yesterday [Inauguration Day],” said Brian Krenz. And, Ms Aquino-Hughes celebrates that Obama “has opened many doors for all people of color in America. Many of us out here feel that after today January 20th 2009 @ 12 noon in America it is OK to be a person of color and feel welcome.”
    We’ll pick up these themes next week – the themes of rebirth, and of what the Obama election means.
    For now, tell us – what are you feeling about the inauguration?
    Do feelings linger?
    Or, is it done and gone?

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