Swine Flu: Life changes for millions. And, for you? Are the moves wise?

The outbreak of the swine flu has prompted many reactions. You might spot a face mask while riding on public transit in some parts of the country. Some employers are telling workers to stay home if they start feeling sick. On Sunday, millions of Americans found out that the flu changed aspects of their church services.
    Over at ReadTheSpirit magazine, readers have been sending in tips and thoughts about the flu for a week now—even before there were many visible signs. Now that responses to the flu are more widespread, please help us get a snapshot of how the flu is affecting your life.

    Whether it’s affecting you individually or not—please tell us what you think of the following responses around the globe:

  • Mexico City, the epicenter of the swine flu outbreak, has almost closed down. Only essential services are provided. People are staying home. In public, people wear face masks. Traditional greetings have become less friendly and more impersonal.
  • U.S. airlines servicing Mexico have cut flights.
  • Homeland security has tightened border crossings to and from Mexico.
  • Schools in some parts of the U.S. have closed, keeping hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren at home.
  • A hotel in Hong Kong quarantined 300 guests.
  • The flu’s name may be changing to the more neutral 2009 H1N1 for a wide range of reasons. What do you think about the name?
  • Vice president Biden said, on the Today show, that he advised his family to avoid traveling in closed spaces like airplanes or the subway.

    These are exceptional events. What do you think about such moves? Has the flu touched you? Any changes in your routines? What have you observed others doing?



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