Sympathy and support: Thank you readers

Stones in a column Thank you for your kindness, sympathy and support this week! In public comments and private emails, members of our growing OurValues community expressed their condolences about the loss of my old mentor and friend, Dr. Allan Schnaiberg.
    Allan was a guest author and regular commenter on our website. (Please, if you’re just joining us this week, scroll down and you’ll see the other short pieces in this week’s series.)
    Most of the expressions of support came from people I have never met—yet through this medium, I feel connected to them. It’s a miracle of the medium that this type of human connection is possible. I wouldn’t have predicted it, but there it is.
    It’s also a miracle of the medium that our website had such a positive effect on Allan. He had been ailing in body and spirit, but his participation on during the last few months reenergized and revitalized him. It rekindled his commitment to social activism and he even created his own blog on the environment. I wouldn’t have predicted that any of this was possible—but there it is, too.
    Grief is universal. So, we expanded our theme by discussing grief in the Middle East, grief over job losses, and even grief caused by the budget crisis in California.
    Life is suffering, Buddha said. We can’t escape grief. But we get to choose how we respond and how we respond to others. Thank you for how you responded about Allan.

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