Take a moment to comment! Do you want Congress to say, “Deal”?

would really like to hear your reactions today — even if you have just a moment to click on the “Comment” link (at right) and offer just a few words. The crucial choice we’re facing comes down to this:
Congress say, “Yes”?

the weekend, congressional leaders and the White House hammered out
an agreement on a bailout plan. The number is still a whopping
$700 billion dollars. But the plan now includes congressional
oversight, caps on CEO remuneration, and a payback plan — if things
    The current plan, as I am completing this post for OurValues.org on Sunday night, has grown considerably. We started out with Paulson’s disrespectful few pages delineating no
controls or oversight. At last count, we’re up to 106 pages of details.
presidential hopefuls encouraged American taxpayer-voters to buck up,
swallow the bitter pill, and hope for the best. On ABC’s “This
Week” McCain said, “This is something that all of us will swallow
hard and go forward with.”
    In a statement, Obama said, “When taxpayers
are asked to take such an extraordinary step because of the irresponsibility
of a relative few, it is not a cause for celebration. But this step
is necessary.”
the House of Representatives is expected to vote on the plan, with the
Senate weighing in later this week.


you want your representative—or senator—to say, “Deal”?

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