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ow does your community rate as a place to live?
    President Obama signed the economic stimulus bill, turning on the tap that will spill billions of dollars into the economy. Most wage earners will see more money in their paychecks, and the Congressional Budget Office predicts that most of it will be spent this year.  Let’s hope it’s stimulating.
    Yesterday, we talked about Obama’s plan to help forestall home foreclosures, protecting the American Dream of home ownership. Eoghan reminds us that, not so long ago, most people did not own a home. Home ownership is a post-WWII dream.
    And, there are issues deeper than homeownership in the American Dream, says Ms. Aquino-Hughes, reminding us that the experience of minorities in America still falls short of our ideals.
    Are you happy with the place you live?
    Almost half of Americans would rather live somewhere else, according to a recent Pew survey. Places like Denver, San Diego, Seattle, and Orlando top the list; Kansas City, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Detroit vie for least desirable.
    Try taking this quick quiz. It lets you rate your community and compare your responses to Americans who participated in Pew’s national survey. Please take it, and tell us what you learned!

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