Taste of Home: Want to build your own community? Make soup!

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Beef Barley SoupThis week, we are introducing the new “Taste of Home” study guide to United America with lots of ideas to spark discussions with friends. Four different, free study guides now are available on that resource page. United America is more than a book: It’s a gateway both to spirited conversation—and community action.

That’s the purpose of United America and these recommended group activities: To get people talking with each other, to help Americans realize that there is far more that unites us than may be dividing us at the moment, and ultimately to encourage healthier communities.

Three years ago, well before United America debuted, our regular contributor to this column, Terry Gallagher, got us thinking about food and community in a five-part series he published at the close of 2011. He called the series: “Soupathon.”

In the first part of the series, he explained his own family’s tradition of an autumn “Soupathon.” In the second part, he described one of his favorite kinds of soup, gazpacho, and provided the recipe he uses. In the third part, he explained how his family’s soup customs have led to their strong sense of hospitality toward their neighbors (and he added another recipe). By Thursday that week, Terry wrote about how easy it has been to maintain this tradition (and added a recipe). Finally, on the fifth day that week, along with his lentil soup recipe, Terry explained how the Soupathon custom culminates in a neighborhood-wide tradition on New Year’s Eve.

When Terry wrote that series, United America had not yet been published. Our list of 10 Core Values had not yet been written and posted.

So, here’s a challenge—especially if you love soup and want to read through Terry’s series (and walk away with some absolutely delicious recipes): As you read Terry’s stories, we challenge you to consider how many of the 10 Core Values you can connect with his stories.

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