Thanksgiving: Are you eating ‘in’ this year? ROCKWELL THANKSGIVING, 2011 VERSION: What will your family’s dinner table look like today? Photo of a family Thanksgiving courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.Are you traveling or eating “in”?
My family and I almost always travel to visit relatives on Thanksgiving, but this year we’re at home. We’re part of a trend. More Americans are eating the holiday dinner at home this year than in years past, according to Rasmussen Reports. Today, almost half of American adults (48%) are dining at home, compared to 44% last year and 42% in 2006. Only about a third (34%) of Americans are at a relative’s home for Thanksgiving today, down from 44% twelve months ago.

Only 5% of Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving at a restaurant today, according to Rasmussen, an estimate that is amazingly close to the National Restaurant Association’s poll that says 14 million Americans are eating the Thanksgiving meal at a restaurant today. But on Black Friday, watch out: the number more than doubles to 32 million.

Now, I don’t want to make too much of these numbers, but the increase in the number of Americans staying home for Thanksgiving is food for thought:

Is the stay-at-home trend a response to the continuing bad economy?

Is it a desire to connect more with immediate family?

Where are you today?


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