Thanksgiving: Should we boycott Black Thursday?

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Take the PBS poll on whether stores should open on Thanksgiving

CLICK on this PBS logo to take the poll on whether retailers should open on Thanksgiving. (NOTE: This poll may be another example of what I describe as “United America.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, many Americans are enjoying food, family, and friends, but some will be going to work. Big-box retailers like Target, Walmart, and Best Buy are open today. Do you think stores like these should be open on Thanksgiving? Or, should they be closed so employees can spend the holiday with their families? (There’s a poll you can take below.)

A few states ban stores from being open on Thanksgiving. Even without a ban, some big-box stores refuse to be open today: Costco, Marshalls, Barnes & Noble, GameStop, T. J. Maxx, and several others.

But other stores will be open: Walmart, Kmart, Sears, Macy’s, Sports Authority, and more. Many of these open at 5 PM or 6 PM today, but a few open bright and early.

Some shoppers like Black Thursday; some employees like the opportunity to earn holiday pay. But there’s also a social movement afoot to boycott stores that are open today. One of the most popular is “Boycott Black Thursday: Put Employees and Families First” on Facebook. It has over 80,000 fans. Its mission is clear: “On November 27th, boycott any retailer that chooses to extend massive Black Friday sales into Thanksgiving Day. Protect the employees, protect the family.”

I hop you will take the poll, courtesy of PBS: “Do you think retailers should remain open on Thanksgiving?”

Your options are:

  • “No, employees should be able to spend Thanksgiving at home.”
  • “Yes, it’s nice to have another option to Black Friday sales.”
  • “Unsure.”

Do you plan to go shopping today?
Do you think retailers should be banned from being open on major holidays, like Thanksgiving?

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  1. Dennis Crouch says

    I do believe that businesses should not open on Thanksgiving so that Families can share this very meaningful holiday. Therefore,I won’t be shopping and if you want to call that a “ban,” that’s okay. However, I disagree that any legislation, ordnance or resolution should restrict businesses from doing as they please. It’s there choice and that’s freedom.