The Historic Inauguration: How are you feeling today?

istory is made! readers responded to the inauguration with elation, thankfulness, patriotism, and recognition of the enormity and significance of the moment.
    “I’m surprised at how emotional I am today,” said ebo. “What an amazing country we have!”
    “I love seeing everyone’s faces today,” wrote Rodney Curtis. “I love the fact that this is a new beginning and that the past, although still with us, is somewhat mitigated and can be seen through the lens of this remarkable day and sea-changing inauguration.”
    Greg Peterson said, “Created Equal is no longer an unreachable dream for millions of Americans. Thank you God for today, for our new president and for the honor of living in the United Sates of America. I am proud that the country I love has matured to a point that we honor a person’s intelligence above all. For all its faults, America is still the world’s brilliant example of freedom, justice — and now more than ever — equality for all.”
    Recognizing this maturation, Margie Williams says it’s time to stop repeating the word “black,” writing: “Mr. Obama won’t be a ‘black’ president — he’ll be ‘my’ president.”
    Today, as yesterday, I feel an enormous sense of elation and peacefulness. A feeling of hope; of gratitude for having witnessed the event; and pride in being American.
    How are you feeling today?
    About the days, weeks, and months ahead?

(Note about the photo today: Among the transformations at noon on Tuesday was a complete rebirth of the White House Web site. At 11:59 a.m., George Bush still welcomed Americans on the White House site. By 12:01 p.m., the photo above greeted Americans at the White House site.)

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