The Perfect Gift: How about regifting?

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Regifting is the practice of giving someone a gift that you received from someone else. Fruitcake is the proverbial regift. One urban myth says that certain fruitcakes have circulated for years.

Have you ever regifted? Have you received a regift?

Hard facts about regifting are hard to come by. One survey of New Jersey residents found that 40% regifted. Wealthier New Jerseyans were just as likely to regift as poorer New Jerseyans. Younger residents of the Garden State were more likely to regift, compared to older residents.

Do we have a moral obligation to regift? CNN Money says we do. Better to give a gift you don’t want or can’t use to someone who will use it than to toss it out or store it in the back of your closet.

Want to regift but unsure about how to do it? The web is full of advice about the etiquette of regifting, such as how to rewrap or repackage gifts so they don’t look like regifts, and how to respond if the recipient doesn’t like the (re)gift and asks too many questions.

Have you regifted?

If you’ve received a regift, how did you feel about it?

Is regifting a moral obligation?

Your viewpoint is important!

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