The Power of Your Click: Is social media slowing your workplace?

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This week, welcome OurValues Media Director Dmitri Barvinok, reporting on social media.

SOCIAL MEDIA is traveling faster around the world than anyone could have anticipated. In five OurValues columns since Monday, we’ve discussed the real-life impacts of social media, including Facebook depression, Facebook marketing, Twitter TV, and the influence of social media in Egypt this week.

Today in the fifth and final column, we’ll take a look at the ways social media affects millions of us in the workplace. The creative team at—a company that specializes in work productivity—crunched recent numbers from more than a half dozen different surveys to develop a huge info-graphic that has been spreading across the internet over the past month. I can’t verify all of the survey data Yast’s graphic designers compiled, but the graphic is fascinating. Here’s the section of Yast’s info-graphic about social media in the workplace …

Section of Yast Workplace Time Wasters info graphic

Do you use social media at work?

Does your employer have a social media policy?

What should workplace social media policies include?

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