The S-Word: Socialism. What’s your reaction?

S-word—socialism—ignited a spirited debate this week on 
What do you think of the conversation?  Where do you stand on these
issues today?

G. Farquhar:  “Yes, Social Security is socialism, and we all
know it is. But we aren’t honest about it.”
  In another post,
he says, “I’m willing to accept socialism. But only honest socialism.
I don’t have to vote for it though.”John_mccain_3

Elizabeth:  McCain “uses exclusionary tactics that are based
on fear and ignorance. His latest attempt to label Obama as a socialist
is absurd.”

Eusebia E Aquino-Hughes:  “Senator McCain(McBush) has turned
a lot of voters off with his repeated negative untrue remarks about

“No chance voters are buying the socialist line. McCain is desperate.”

notes what he sees as a pattern:  “It seems as if this site
is getting more biased as the election comes closer…It seems like
a direct attack on McCain now. And, no, I don’t like McCain, but I dislike
Obama even more. Isn’t this what it comes down to, the lesser of the
two evils? Maybe one day we will elect a president we actually like.

“Yes, Obama is a socialist. Is the bail out plan a socialist movement?
Yes, BUT what other choice did USA have? Obama scares me with his talk
of redistributing the wealth.”

in beautiful Cincinnati turns the table on the Republicans: “Alaska
hands out a free check each year to everyone! In this very Republican
state they give out checks of well over $ 1000 !!!
…So Palin is a SOCIALIST, pure and simple!”

wants to know why Americans “are so scared of the term socialism… 
Socialism is this country is used to beat people over the head. It is
used in the context of the Big Red scare of the 1920s and McCarthyism
of the 1950s.”

adds:  “This is about class warfare. The rich decry Socialism,
while sticking their hands out for tax breaks, tax abatements for their
businesses, tax financing to build new facilities, but when someone
talks about helping people out by spreading the wealth around, by seeing
that our education system is funded properly, our infrastructure is
kept adequate (remember the bridge collapse in Minnesota?), and that
health care is recognized as a right, not a responsibility, we label
them a socialist. Or better yet communist.”

so you feel about the S-Word?  What’s your reaction to the Comments
on this week?  Join the conversation.

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