Time for American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial?

Isn’t it about time for the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial?


Many veterans come home permanently disabled, but until now there has never been a permanent memorial to them. Today, at 10:30AM in our nation’s capital, that changes with the ceremonial groundbreaking for The American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial. Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki and actor Gary Sinise, Memorial Spokesperson, are on the program for today’s events. The 2.4-acre site is located near the U.S. Capitol and across the street from the U.S. Botanic Garden.

Here’s how the foundation behind the memorial describes its mission: Sadly, for over 3 million veterans seriously injured in the line of duty, leaving the battlefield does not mark the end of conflict. These permanently disabled heroes often carry home life-altering disabilities—stern reminders of the price of freedom. America’s disabled veterans have honored us with their service and selfless duty. It is now our turn to honor them. For the first time, America will pay tribute to some of our most courageous heroes—our disabled veterans. The American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial will celebrate those men and women who may be broken in body—but never in spirit.

The ceremonial groundbreaking takes place today, but the memorial is still a dream in the making. The foundation has raised about $15 million, but needs $3.5 million more. Large corporations have donated money, but over 1 million donations are from individuals. The design is already approved.


EXPLORE THE MAP: Here is an interactive view of the Memorial site designed to encourage donations by showcasing many of the memorial’s special features. When the page loads, hover your mouse over individual details—and further links will appear.

OR, WATCH A VIDEO: You should see a short video clip below, but if the screen is not visible in your version of today’s story, you also can visit the memorial webpage and view the video there.

What do you think about the new memorial to disabled veterans?

Why did it take so long?

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