Trials and Travails of Toyota: But do we believe the fix … is fixed?


Toyotas infamous gas pedal
s Toyota the car with a mind of its own?

“It’s doing it again, Mom!”

That’s what a boy said to his mother as their 2008 Toyota Avalon accelerated on its own—and this was after the recalled car was fixed, according to ABC News.

Call it the fix that isn’t.

Toyota is recalling millions of vehicles worldwide, making repairs or adjustments that Toyota executives say will solve the unintended acceleration and braking problems.

Yet 10 Toyota owners have filed new complaints with the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) after their cars were recalled and supposedly fixed.

Problems include uncontrollable acceleration, acceleration surges, and the inability to stop.

Has Toyota compounded its crisis by making the wrong fix? If so, then the hits to its reputation for quality have doubled. And so have the opportunities for Detroit automakers to capitalize on Toyota’s problems.

But let’s not forget that the NHTSA shares some of the blame. This watchdog agency didn’t believe the initial complaints of unintended acceleration. And, it apparently lacks the knowledge and sophistication to investigate complex electronics and computer problems.

“They understand floor mats, they don’t understand microchips,” said Senator Jay Rockefeller, according to the ABC News report.

What do you make of the latest news on Toyota? If you own a Toyota, are you worried about it?
    If not, do you tend to notice Toyotas on the road more than ever?
    I do.


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