Unplug Christmas? What next? A politician in a Crèche?

https://readthespirit.com/ourvalues/wp-content/uploads/sites/17/2013/03/wpid-1214_ov_Chavez_in_the_Nativity_Scene.jpgReuters broke the Chavez-in-the-Crèche story in U.S. media along with photos of the mini-Chavez. That’s the real Chavez in the photo and the Crèche Chavez in the Reuters story. (CLICK ON THE PHOTO to read the entire Reuters story.)How would you feel if Obama, Romney or Gingrich appeared as the fourth wise man in a Nativity Scene?

This is a rhetorical question for Americans. It hasn’t happened—at least not in the U.S., so far.

The equivalent did just happen in Venezuela. A figurine representing the Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, appears in a Nativity scene prominently displayed in the central business district of Caracas. This has been widely reported, but I confess I didn’t quite believe it until I saw a photo of it.

The traditional scene of the Holy Family stands in an elaborately hand-crafted winter tableau of figures appearing to honor the figures in the Crèche. A figurine of Simon Bolivar, the military and political leader of the revolt against the Spanish monarchy, stands nearby.  The Nativity Scene also features symbols of Chavez’s social projects and other achievements. At least one volunteer who crafted figures for the scene is a government employee, according to the Reuters report. Apparently, the scene was created deliberately for its political impact.

What’s your gut reaction?

Do you like this idea or find it offensive?

What would happen if something like this happened in the U.S.?


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