Vaccinations: Is the Measles Vaccine Safe?

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Pew People and Press research on safety of measles vaccine

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Debates about mandatory vaccinations reflect several factors, one of which is the safety of the measles vaccine itself. Some medical professionals have claimed a link to autism, a claim that is widely disputed in the scientific community. High-profile celebrities have made the same claim, which amplifies it whether or not it is scientifically valid.

Do you believe the measles vaccine is safe? Do you have doubts?

This week, we’ve covered various facets of the debate: generational differences in opposition to vaccination, the hourly death rate for measles, the importance of herd immunity, and the “no vaccine, no school” policy. Today, we look at attitudes about the safety of the vaccines.

Overall, 83% of Americans say that vaccines for diseases such as measles, mumps, and rubella are safe for healthy children, according to a Pew poll taken this month. About 9% say it’s not safe, while 7% say they don’t know.

The safety of these vaccines is something that Republicans and Democrats actually agree on. About 89% of Republicans and 87% of Democrats say the vaccines are safe for healthy children. Independents largely agree, though 10% say the vaccines are unsafe.

Those who say these vaccines are unsafe cite many reasons, such as concerns about the effectiveness of the vaccines, whether vaccines can weaken the body’s natural immune system, the alleged link to autism, or distrust of the pharmaceutical companies that make the vaccines.

Do you believe the measles vaccine is safe for health children?
If you do, what’s your response to those who are skeptical?

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