Veterans: It’s on sale!

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Veterans Day sales 2014Looking for discounts on cereal, apparel, bedding, shocks for your car, kitchen appliances, or just a decent meal? For Veterans Day, today, the Bob Evans restaurant chain is offering to serve all the free pancakes a veteran cares to eat.

Even if you are not a veteran, there are plenty of sales today linked to Veterans Day.

Does the commercialization of Veterans Day bother you?

Veterans Day is meant to be a solemn occasion, but for many businesses, it’s just another advertising angle to increase sales. Of course, we all know that Veterans Day isn’t the only holiday that has been commercialized. Business Pundit wrote about the commercialization of the our 25 favorite holidays, including Veterans Day: “Although our most popular holidays find their roots in religion, or the virtues of modesty, humility, family, and an appreciation of one another, we live in an age where these holidays have lost their once-special meaning and have become largely commercialized.”

I suppose that getting a discount on something you want or need is better than not getting a discount. Military Benefits, a non-governmental, privately sponsored web site, lists dozens of discounts, from Aeropostale, Amazon, and Brooks Brothers to REI and Zazzle. You don’t have to be a veteran to get the discount, but you need the promotion code given on the web site.

Free meals to veterans on Veterans Day seems like the clearest expression of gratitude and appreciation to our veterans. Of course, there might be an ancillary benefit if it brings in a vet who hasn’t been there before and might become a future paying customer, or if the vet brings someone who doesn’t qualify for the free meal.

How do you feel about the commercialization of Veterans Day?

Do you just ignore the commercialization and focus on the real meaning of the occasion?

Do you take advantage of the deals available today?

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