What America means to me: Michigan dairy farmers

https://readthespirit.com/ourvalues/wp-content/uploads/sites/17/2013/03/wpid-2010_07_29_Crumm_America_Goodrich_Shauna_and_Dan_Weil_checking_samples_of_new_crop_of_sweet_corn_61.jpgGOODRICH, MICHIGAN: Dairy farmers Shauna and Dan Weil check to see if a new crop of sweetcorn is ready for sale.

TODAY, we’re beginning a special OurValues.org series as part of our August exploration of American values. I am traveling myself in these final weeks of August, so we are showcasing daily voices recorded during the journey of ReadTheSpirit Editor David Crumm and his 21-year-old son Benjamin. Each day, you’ll hear men and women from various perspectives talk about our country. Please, add your own thoughts in this national conversation. Dr. Wayne Baker

Our first responses reach back to the first day of the U.S. journey on July 30 in Michigan. As this series continues, you’ll soon hear brand new responses, but we’re returning first to these thoughts from the cornfields of mid-Michigan.

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What America means to me:
Michigan dairy farmers Shauna and Daniel Weil

Question: What does “America” mean to you?

DANIEL: One word: freedom.

SHAUNA: When you say “America,” I think: This is my country, my land that I share with other people. We share some common American values.

Question: What do you think of when you see the flag or hear the national anthem?

DANIEL: We’re proud people, proud to be Americans. The flag reminds me of that. When I hear the anthem, I think of all the fighting that it took to create our country, all the things people went through back then to make this country for us. I do think about the words in the anthem and I can see those pictures in my mind when I hear the anthem.

SHAUNA: There’s a flag that flies on our farm everyday. We’re all so different in this country that the flag and the anthem remind us of our commonality. They remind us that we do share some things, even though we’re very different people. The flag sparks different kinds of reactions in me. I do find that if I see the flag, these days, as part of a military service even on television, it takes on much more significance for me. It hits my heart harder.

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