What do you hope to hear from our leaders as the election looms?

Lincoln_statue_in_washington_dcThere’s ALSO a news story today about OurValues.org over at the ReadTheSpirit Web site. Mainly, that story urges people to add their Email addresses to the box in the upper-left corner of OurValues.org — if you haven’t done so already — to be registered and ready for the first of two big online values surveys, starting next week.

Let’s also start this week’s OurValues.org stories with two urgent questions. Please, take a moment to add your Comments to these questions, even if it’s only a brief note:
    Question 1.) Do you think our economic crisis is due to deregulation?
    Question 2.) What do you hope to hear from the presidential candidates in these final weeks?
    The first question was a major issue at a standing-room-only presentation by a panel of experts on Friday at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. There’s an online Webcast you can view, if you’d like to hear what was the experts said.
    Here’s a quick summary of what they concluded: Massive bank failures are not new. There have been several spates of bank failures in American history—and each one was preceded by a lack of regulation or a spasm of de-regulation. Add the frenetic invention of exotic and complex financial instruments to a lax regulatory environment and you have the recipe for financial disaster.
    Whenever you get more than one academic in the room, you always have more than one opinion. I wouldn’t say that all the experts agreed that the deregulation-plus-innovation recipe was the culprit. But that was the main thrust.
    In “Obama’s Challenge: America’s Economic Crisis and the Power of a Transformative Presidency,” author Robert Kuttner argues that the next president faces enormous challenges, re-regulating the economy chief among these, but also enormous opportunities—if leadership and values lead a transformative presidency.

    Wednesday is the last debate between the presidential contenders.
    Will we hear the voice of a transformative president? Or will it be play-it-safe Obama versus come-out-swinging McCain?
    Add your thoughts today! Especially about our two central questions: Do agree that deregulation is a culprit? And what do you hope to hear from the candidates this week?

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