What slogans will define us? Part 2 … How long should we be partisan?

Obama bumper sticker Dr. Wayne Baker is taking a short summer break. He has welcomed guest writers, including Daniel Buttry last week.
PLUS, we’re continuing with questions Dr. Baker regularly raises. This
week, we’re asking about popular “slogans” … (This
week’s stories:
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.)

McCain bumper sticker What slogan do you want to drive by? That’s a timeless question Dr. Baker asked last year—and it’s a hot topic again this summer. (Scroll down or click on the links above to read other parts of this series.)

    Today we’re asking about what we might call presidential seals—partisan bumper stickers proclaiming our preferences for the most important office in the world. During an election year, such stickers are a celebration of free speech.
    But now? Well, most of a year has passed since the last presidential election—yet countless cars, vans and trucks are rolling down our highways and parking near us at stores, schools, factories, offices and houses of worship still proclaiming partisan political slogans from the last big campaign.

Ron Paul bumper sticker     Of course, there’s a practical problem here. Those stickers are tough to remove!
    But do those presidential bumper stickers tell us something about the people who display them?
    Have you got a story to share about someone you spotted with a presidential sticker? Maybe one that surprised you? Or one that made you mad? Or one that made you feel warmer toward a neighbor or coworker when you learned they voted for your candidate?
    What do you think about such presidential slogans—especially after the campaign is over?

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