What slogans will define us? Part 3 … Are there boundaries to humor?

Sarah Palin attack tshirt Dr. Wayne Baker is taking a short summer break. This week, we’re revisiting one of Dr. Baker’s more provocative questions about “slogans” … (This
week’s stories:
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.)

Readers got involved on Tuesday—partly having some fun and also cutting to the core of this issue: When we mark our vehicles with sassy slogans, are there any boundaries?
    Reader Mike F says he still chuckles over: “Jesus called…he wants his religion back!”
    But how about you? Do you find that fun? Accurate? Inappropriate?
    That’s the question reader Catherine raised: “Nobody had a problem with the t-shirts calling Sarah Palin horrible
names but I bet if the same shirts were calling Michelle Obama that—there would have been a huge uproar!”
    Like Catherine, reader Ray W jumped from bumper sticker slogans to another format: adhesive cartoon images we see on a lot of vehicles these days. Ray W’s “gripe
is Calvin peeing on things. I don’t know if I’d call it offensive, but
I don’t like seeing that. … We were fans of Calvin and Hobbes and I
don’t like people turning it into something crude and insulting.”

SO TODAY, tell us where you’d set the boundaries?

    Are personal attacks on politicians offensive? Or, specifically, do attacks on women in political life tend to extend beyond what’s appropriate?
    And what about swiping comic characters like Calvin? Or, depicting scenes as crude as someone peeing? Where should we set the boundaries?

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