What slogans will define us? Part 5 Hooray for Yunus! But a slogan?

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Wayne Baker is taking a short summer break. This week, we’re revisiting
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End Poverty slogan Poverty is the Worst Form of Violence Hooray to Dr. Muhammad Yunus for receiving White House honors on behalf of all Americans. President Obama just announced late this week that Yunus is among 16 “Agents of Change,” most of them Americans, whose examples we all would do well to emulate. Here’s the entire White House story about the new Medal of Freedom honorees.
    But, how about a slogan for Dr. Yunus? He’s world famous for his work on micro-finance. He won the Nobel Prize for turning a number of global economic assumptions on their head in the process. Among other things, he showed us that poor people can be trusted—often more than rich people. He showed that tiny amounts of money carefully placed in a community can make a huge difference. Here’s Dr. Muhammad Yunus’ personal Web site.
    One bumper sticker, quoting Gandhi—the one pictured here—is sometimes associated with Yunus’ work.
End Poverty slogan sticker 2     But, media professionals agree that Dr. Yunus could use some help in translating his campaign into the byte-sized slogans and imagery that define our culture. For example, do we want to promote the satirical kill-the-rich logo with the Monopoly-game millionaire slain in the process (shown at right)? Or maybe you like that provocative image? Tell us what you think!

Here are three other ideas floating around the Internet. What do you think? Or, propose your own! What slogan do you like to help fuel movements hoping to end poverty?


Dr Muhammad YunusEnd Poverty slogan Peace begins when the hungry are fed End Poverty T-shirt End Poverty slogan sticker 1  

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