What unites (or divides) Americans? How about Al Franken’s victory?

Senator Al Franken Add one more Democrat to the U.S Senate: Stuart Smalley, a.k.a Al Franken.
    The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled yesterday that Democrat Al Franken is entitled to be certified as the winner of the closely contested Senate race. Franken’s opponent, Norm Coleman, conceded defeat. (Here’s the high court’s special release opinion, in case you have a taste for legalese.)
    The Coleman-Franken faceoff was just about as close as one can get to a perfectly divided election. Franken’s margin is a mere 312 votes of 2,424,946 votes cast in November. Given that they are poles apart on political ideology, it’s surprising that it wasn’t a landslide for one or the other.
    MSNBC compiled some statistics about the race. The two candidates raised $51.1 million for the campaign, spending almost all of it. Over $11 million was spent on the recount. Coleman has to pay Franken over $94,000 to cover court costs. Over seven months have passed since the November 2008 election.
    Franken was a writer and performer on Saturday Night Live, working with the show over the course of many years. He is best known for the character of Stuart Smalley, the self-help guru. Among other accomplishments, he wrote several best-selling books, including “Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot and Other Observations.”
    There are a lot of comedians on Capitol Hill. Now they’ll be joined by a professional.
    What do you think about this long drawn-out affair?
    How do you feel about adding another Democrat to the Senate?
    About Al Franken?

    So, please, ADD A COMMENT about this specific issue—or about values that unite or divide Americans in general. What other divisions do you see? What other signs of unity?

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