What values do newspapers hold? Listen to veteran journalists …

 Newspapers for sale
illions of people are aware that newspapers are in peril, so this week I’m asking newspaper readers — and also some nationally known journalists — to talk about the values surrounding this major institution.
    What are those values? Listen to these voices. Do you agree? Disagree? What would you add?

    NEWSPAPERS represent the trinity of faith, community, and country, says Aly Colon. Aly has over 30 years of experience in journalism and is now lead writer/editor for an IT consultancy. Here are highlights from his message (and you can read his complete comments here.)
    “An important value that newspapers bring to people involves faith—a faith that newspapers care about people’s welfare.
    “Another important value is community. Newspapers stand in proxy of the community as whole.
    “Finally, country. What other vehicle has shown its dedication to the value of country more than newspapers? They served as the instruments of imagination, insurrection and inspiration that played a significant, if tumultuous, role in the emergence and evolution of our country.”

    NEWSPAPERS represent connection, community, responsibility, and the common good, says Bill Temmeus. Bill is “Faith Matters” blogger for The Kansas City Star and past president of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists. Here are highlights from his message (and read his complete comments here.)
    “Newspapers provide a reliable sense of life’s rhythm. When delivery works right (almost always), newspapers arrive once a day and announce one more click in the move from past to present to future.
    “Newspapers tell us we are connected to our neighborhood, our city, our region, our world and that people all across those areas have common concerns, common fears, common hopes.
    “Newspapers help to provide a foundation of free expression on which our society is built and depends. (Read James Madison’s draft of the First Amendment.)
    “Newspapers remind citizens that they are responsible for the quality of governance.
    “Newspapers uphold the … sacred nature of the printed word.
    “Newspapers serve to support the common good by reporting what is violating or working against that common good and what might be done to reverse that.”

AND NOW — what’s your reaction to Aly’s and Bill’s words?
    Will we lose these values as we lose newspapers?

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