What values move you? Is financial crisis trumping social issues?

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And, here’s today’s big question in our ongoing, daily conversation with readers:
    Has the economy knocked social issues off the table? The Wall Street disaster, gyrating financial markets, rising unemployment, and fears about a global recession appear to have pushed everything else to a distant second place.

   We don’t hear as much about contentious “Culture War” issues like homosexuality, abortion and immigration — issues that seemed much more prominent in the early days of this political season.
    In July, we had two posts on same-sex marriage. Our first story asked what the M-word, “marriage,” means to you. Our second story talked about some of the often-overlooked nuances in this red-hot debate. That topic generated quite a bit of discussion. Does this kind of issue still resonate as loudly in the economic maelstrom we have today?
    These issues are still in the news. Yesterday, Chicago public school officials announced a recommendation for a “gay-friendly” high school. While open to all, it would be a safe, welcoming place for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered students. The need for the school, officials say, is demonstrated by the high incidence of verbal harassment, physical harassment and even physical assault suffered by these students. The Harvey Milk High School in new York’s East Village is a precedent for this sort of school.
    Last Friday, the Connecticut Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage, joining Massachusetts and California.
    Where are you today about the so-called Culture War issues? How do you feel about Connecticut’s decision or the Chicago public school recommendation? Have worries about the economy made them fade in significance, or are you just as concerned as before?

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