What’s the moral state of our union as troops return?


It’s Memorial Day, a time when we pause to honor and remember Americans in uniform, past and present. This year, the holiday also marks a turning point as more troops will be coming home from Afghanistan. So, this week will be discussing the moral state of our union. Today, we are asking:

What kind of country are our troops returning to?

Overall: It’s a country where only 20% of Americans say that the state of moral values is excellent or good, according to a just-released poll by Gallup. About a third (36%) say the state of moral values is only fair. Over four of ten (43%) say it’s downright poor.

Are things getting better or worse? Gallup has asked about moral values every May since 2002 so we have trends to consider. Last year, Americans were a bit more optimistic, with 23% saying moral values were excellent or good and 38% saying they were poor. But the uptick in negativity this year isn’t unusual. Over the last decade, between 41% and 45% of Americans said the state of moral values was poor in this country.

How about looking forward? Are American more optimistic about the future when it comes to moral values? Over seven of ten (73%) say American’s moral values are heading downhill, according to Gallup. Only 12% say moral values are good today and will get better or say the same.

What’s your view of the state of moral values today?

Do you think moral values will get better, decline, or stay the same?

What’s the most important problem or issue when it comes to moral values?

Join us tomorrow when we see how American’s answered this last question—and you can see if you agree or disagree!


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Originally published at www.OurValues.org, an experiment in civil dialogue about American values.

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