When Parenting Never Ends, Part 2: Who do you reach for?

 Parenting advice 2 reaching out Ben Pratt Dr. Wayne
Baker is taking a short summer break. This week’s guest writer is Dr.
Benjamin Pratt, a pastoral counselor and author of the “James Bond Bible study.”
Dr. Pratt is focusing on an
emerging challenge for millions of Americans: adult children and
grandchildren “moving home” and needing care. Dr. Pratt is creating a
workbook for families—and needs your help …
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Who do you reach out to, when you trip and fall?
    A few years ago in the Seattle Special Olympics, nine children lined up on the starting line for the 100-yard dash. The gun went off. All nine children began to move with a relish down the line. But, before they were even one third of the way to the finish line, one boy tripped and fell and skinned his knee and bloodied his hand and began to cry.
    Some of the children were farther along in the race. But, one by one, the children stopped and turned around. One little girl with Down’s Syndrome came back, knelt down, kissed his forehead and said, “This will make it feel better.” Each of the other children helped pull this child to his feet and all nine children, locked arm in arm, walked across the finish line together. Thousands of people came to their feet and cheered for ten minutes.
    An amazing, true story. But not much like our world, is it?

    In Part 1, I asked about times when you’ve felt overwhelmed in caring for your family. If you’re not a parent and this isn’t your situation in life—you probably know someone who is facing these challenges.
    So, today, I’d like to look outward. If you suddenly find yourself in trouble, who is the first person you call? A friend? A co-worker? A relative? A neighbor? Someone in a local congregation or community group?
    Tell me about a time when you reached out—and someone helped to pull you to your feet again?
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    Please, Add a Comment. Where have you seen this kind of problem arising? What solutions have you found?

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