When Parenting Never Ends, Part 4: Share a story with us?

Parenting advice 4 share a story Ben Pratt This
week’s guest writer is Dr. Benjamin Pratt, who is writing a new
workbook for parents with adult children or grandchildren
“moving home” and needing long-term care. Dr. Pratt wants your help  …
(Quick links: Intro, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.)

This week, we’re exploring the challenges faced by millions of mothers and fathers who discover they’re going to be parents for many years. Often this is because their children have special needs. But it might be because sons and daughters have lost a job, become addicted to drugs or alcohol, experience health problems or simply have no one else to turn to with grandchildren during the day.
    For years, I served as a pastoral counselor and helped many men and women facing complex challenges at home. Since I began writing this new workbook, I’ve been collecting more stories so the final book will be as helpful as possible to families.

    So, today, I’d like you to share a story. You don’t have to mention names, but take a moment and share a story about yourself, a relative or a friend—explaining how they wound up in a situation where parenting isn’t likely to end in their household.
    Sharing our stories is an important part of building a caring community of support. If you’re just joining us, scroll down or use the links at the top today to check out all of the parts in this series.
    Please, share a story. You’re making a difference by deepening my understanding of the needs so many of us are experiencing.

    Please, Add a Comment. Where have you seen this kind of problem arising? What solutions have you found?

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