When Parenting Never Ends, Part 5: Our story is just beginning …

Write Us a Story This
week’s guest writer is Dr. Benjamin Pratt, who is writing a new
workbook for parents with adult children or grandchildren
needing long-term care. Dr. Pratt wants your help  …
(Quick links: Intro, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.)

Everyone has a story to tell—and, when we tell them, we discover they’re part of a far bigger story.
    Every time I mention to friend or stranger the subject of this latest book project, I hear, with a serious and compassionate look: “Oh, I have dear friends who are living that life … let me tell you about them.”
    Or, “This is certainly an issue in our family …”
    What I’m working on is a gift for the millions of men and women for whom parenting will never end. It will include brief true stories.
    You can be a part of this larger good work. Please, tell me your story. You can do that by clicking the Comment link—or, you can send us an Email.

    Here’s one more way you can help!
    I plan to call the book, “I Ain’t No Saint…well, Maybe: How to Care for Yourself When You Are Taking Care of the Rest of the World.” Tell me what you think of that.
     I think these steadfast, courageous, front-line folks are the saints of the world because they live their lives sacrificing for another, often feeling blessed and charged from beyond, in spite of the bone-deep weariness of their daily grind.

    Do you think they are Saints?
    Please send me stories of the Saints in your life?

    Please, Add a Comment. Where have you seen this kind of problem arising? What solutions have you found?

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