Who’s campaign is the most negative? Is it effective?

How do you feel about negative ads in this campaign?  Do you gain anything from them? …Are you ready for November 4th to be here?Mccain_portrait_2

campaign ads are more negative than Obama’s, according to a study
conducted by the University of Wisconsin’s Advertising Project.
This project tracks and analyzes all political
television advertising for federal and gubernatorial races.

from the Wisconsin Advertising Project of Sen. John McCain’s advertising
for the week of September 28 to October 4 shows, in fact, that all McCain
campaign advertising did have significant negative content –- either
spots that were comprised completely of attacks on the Democratic nominee
or ones that combined attacks on Sen. Barack Obama with some talk about
Sen. McCain’s own plans,” said Professor Ken Goldstein, director
of the project, in a recent press release.

advertising has not been completely negative over the entire campaign. From June 4 to October 4, 47% of McCain’s ads were negative, 26% were
positive, and 27% were a mix of positive and negative.

the same period, 35% of Obama’s ads were negative, 39% were positive,
and 25% were a mix.

is the champion of negative advertising? Our current president. “President
Bush in 2004 has the record for the most number of negative spots aired
in a race,” Professor Goldstein said.

negative ads actually work?  Listen to a short podcast for my opinion
on this and other subjects related to the elections.

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