Anniversary: Millions Invited on Back to Church Sunday

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 12: It’s time to fill the pews at Christian churches today on the second annual Back to Church Sunday. (Read more on the official site.) Campaign organizers have spent the last few months helping churches across the country distribute millions of invitations for today’s services in hopes that a personalized invitation will give people a “nudge” to get back into the faith.

Organizers hope this will become an annual tradition. They are encouraging church leaders, on the second Sunday of September, to set out a “Welcome” sign and encourage people to “come as you are.” According to surveys, 83 percent of Americans identify themselves as Christians, although less than half of those self-identified Christians attend church on any given Sunday.

In 2009, participating churches saw a 19 percent increase in attendance on Back to Church Sunday, according to the campaign’s website—and this year, coordinators are hoping for record numbers. The number of participating churches doubled this year.

Back to Church Sunday in the UK occurs on Sept. 26.

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